The Challenge

 Mayor Kenney proposed a soda tax that would bring Philadelphia more than $400 million dollars in new revenue to fix pressing education, pension, and community problems in the city. Philadelphians for a Fair Future, a coalition of civic, labor, and faith organizations, multiple community development corporations, and small business owners led the charge in supporting the measure.

 The Plan 

 SBDigital executed a layered digital campaign featuring video and display delivery to engage Philadelphians and put pressure on Councilmembers. We engaged supporters using Facebook, and Mobile In-App targeting. Additionally, we utilized Geo-fencing technology to target city hall and Councilmembers’ offices. Serving more than 12 million digital impressions in total, we put the pressure on. 

 The Optimization  

SBDigital divided target constituents into subgroups in order to prescribe effective treatments. We efficiently and effectively spread Philadelphians for a Fair Future’s message by varying content and delivery platforms to each subgroup — making the most of every impression served.

 The Results

In spite of the beverage industry spending more than four million dollars to fight the proposal, Philadelphians rallied and the city council approved the measure 13-4. Philadelphia became the first major city to pass a Soda Tax — creating a replicable model of a dedicated tax for investments in green technologies, community projects, and education.


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