The Process

During the special Congressional election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District, SBDigital managed a GOTV program on behalf of Patriot Majority in support of Conor Lamb’s candidacy. We ran both display and video ads on Facebook, Mobile, and IP platforms to segmented audiences, including members of union households, Catholic voters, and women. 

The Results

We are proud to have been a part of this election to help pave the way Democrats win elections using digital tools. Conor Lamb won the special election in a district Trump had won by almost 20 points in the 2016 Presidential Election. Digital communication is done by the Conor Lamb campaign and individual expenditures such as Patriot Majority helped reach voters who were unreachable or unreceptive to field programs and helped get out the vote.


This election was an indicator of how large of a swing some districts will have in November 2018. While not all districts will swing left by 20 points, Democrats will pick up a substantial number of seats following Conor Lamb’s lead. 

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