The Process

SBDigital was proud to work in 2017’s closely watched Virginia House of Delegates elections. We conducted persuasion and GOTV campaigns that served video ads to different segments of voters in four districts across the state. Using customized programs, ads were served to audiences on Facebook, Mobile, and IP platforms. We specifically worked in House Districts 21, 50, 73, 94, and 100 -- which are 5 of the top tier three major Democratic-funded districts. SBDigital matched over 83% within Mobile/IP and over 70% with Facebook advertising. This resulted in effectively meeting over 90% of our total audience.

Identify Targets
Set Segment Audience
Deliver Unique Messaging to Targets 
The Results

We are proud to have been a part of this election to help pave the way Democrats digitally serve ads to potential voters in order to win districts. Democratic Representative Kelly Convirs-Fowler now represents HD21, Democratic Representative Lee Cartner now represents HD50, Democratic Representative Debra Rodman represents HD73, and Democratic Representative Wendy Gooditis now represent Virginia's citizens with a near democratic majority representing the House of Delegates. With fierce democratic momentum and innovative digital targeting, Democrats are set to continue this Blue Wave in the 2018 midterms and SBDigital is excited to help influence voters.

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